Tooele Drain Cleaning

If you are thinking about cleaning the drain on your property then it is time to look at what Platinum Drain Cleaning brings to the table.

We are one of the premier companies in the region for these types of projects and will always set high standards to achieve great results.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

When it comes to choosing a good drain cleaning company in Tooele, it’s important to go with a team that has seen it all.

At Platinum Drain Cleaning, we work with all types of properties and will know how to clean the drain in seconds.

We are fast, proven, and all about setting high standards for our clients.

Camera Inspections 

The first thing we are going to do as soon as the process begins is to inspect the drain.

This is done in two different ways. We are first going to take a simple look at the drain from the outside to see how it is doing and whether or not there is a blockage near the entrance of the drain.

If not, we are then going to take a small camera and run it through the drain to see where the problem areas are. This will let us map out a strategy to clean the drain as required.

Quick Response

In a lot of situations, the main requirement as a client is going to be to have a quick response.

You need to make sure things are being done briskly and in tune with your schedule. Whether you are a commercial or residential client, the goal remains to have things set up in a way where you are not wasting time. 

If that is what you want then Platinum Drain Cleaning is the only potion that will be worth it. We offer premium scheduling for all of our clients and are one of the most responsive companies in the industry right now.

Premium Tools

The tools that are used during the drain cleaning sessions will always matter and it is a top priority for us at Platinum Drain Cleaning.

We know you want to go with a team that has the best equipment and that is something we think about all the time. For us, it is important to use high-value equipment that will yield better results and provide peace of mind to our clients.

Whether it is the cameras or drain snake, you will know we have it all for the cleaning sessions.

Quality Assurance

You are going to want a team that is willing to put in the hard work during each step in the process.

We do all of this for you and will always let you know what is going on too. This is key as you are choosing a service provider that is on top of things and doesn’t waste your time during the process.

We will work hard on the project and then pinpoint how the drain cleaning has been done. This includes going back and inspecting the drain to see whether or not it has been cleaned the way you want it to be.

“ They cleaned my drains and they had never drained so quickly before!  The tech put down drop cloths, wore shoe covers, and cleaned up after he was done. “

Jacob P.

“ They were one of the few companies we called that offered jetting!  The previous owner of my home used a lot of cooking oil and was pouring it down the drain, we were calling out plumbers at least once a month.  Our drains have been working for over 6 months now with no issues. “

Penny S.

“ Very knowledgrable drain cleaners, they not only cleared our kitchen sink which another company couldn’t and pitches us on replacement.  He also explained what to avoid putting down the drain. “

Denny P.

Fully Licensed 

We are a fully licensed drain cleaning company in Tooele and a good option for those who want to choose a local team with years of expertise.

We have been doing this for a while and that is the experience that is going to shine through when you want to do things properly. Our goal is to be efficient, fast, and in line with what a client needs to stay safe.

If that is what you are after, it is time to go with Platinum Drain Cleaning. We are the type of company that continues to rigorously train while learning industry-leading techniques to help our clients achieve better results.

Open Line of Communication

The one thing you are going to want with any professional drain cleaning service provider is an open line of communication.

You should not have to deal with a situation where things are confusing or you are unsure about what is being done on the property. This is a real concern and it is something you are going to have to account for as soon as the process begins.

With Platinum Drain Cleaning, you will know we are not going to leave you out of the loop. Everything we do is tailored to understanding what you are after and how the process is going to have to be done to match your needs over the long haul. 

Trust our team to do a good job and learn more about what we can do for you. 

Our goal is all about taking the time to go through the drain and see what has to be done next. This is the attention to detail that allows us to stand out as a leading option in the region for all drain cleaning projects.

Don’t Wait Until The Drain Gets Worse!
An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure!

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