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If you reside within Sandy, just south of Salt Lake City, this is a community with access to many businesses. Whether you reside there permanently, or if you have rentals within the city, blocked drainage pipes can certainly become a problem. The same is true for businesses that are in the Sandy area. From restaurants to department stores, blocked drainage pipes can occur at any time. Resolving this problem on your own may not be the best course of action. Instead, you should contact a professional drain cleaning service that is in the Sandy area. Our company, Platinum Drain Cleaning, is a business that you can trust. We have been offering our services for years. For the following reasons, you can trust our business to deliver exceptional and affordable services that can break through any blockage in your drains.

Different Types Of Drain Blockages You May Encounter

If you have not experienced having a blocked drain before, these are much more common than you might imagine. In the kitchen sink, you may notice that the water is no longer flowing down. This could be due to food particulates, grease, soap, and oil that has now created a buildup. In the bathroom, specifically in the shower or bathtub, your drain may not go down at all. An abundance of shampoo, hair, oil, dirt, and conditioner can create substantial blockages that are hard to remove. If you have a wastewater disposal system that is no longer functioning properly, there could be a blockage there as well. Whether you have a business, or a residential home in Sandy, you may need to contact us to help you out.

What You Should Know About Our Business

Our company is licensed to offer these services in the state of Utah. We are also a bonded company and we have proper insurance for the work that we do. Our drain cleaning business has been serving the businesses and people of Utah for years. We do you currently offer these services in the Sandy area. Our employees have experience in removing blockages of all types. The machinery that we use can actually remove them in a matter of minutes. One other reason that people use our business is because of the fair prices that we charge for services.

Reasons To Call Us During An Emergency

It is possible that your sewer lines can become clogged. If this occurs, a backup of sewage may come into your home. The blockage could be caused by flooding, a broken pipe, or roots that have grown into the pipe itself. Before the problem becomes unsanitary, you should contact our business. We can dispatch workers to your location rapidly. All of the equipment needed to resolve your issue will be brought with our seasoned and highly trained workers. In a matter of minutes, after contacting our business, we will arrive to assist you. It is for reasons like this that many people use our company to help them with drain cleaning jobs throughout the city.

Attempting to remove blockages from your own drains could become problematic. If you tried to do this using store-bought products, it may not work at all. Additionally, you may not have the time to resolve these issues. That is why contacting our company may be the best decision for you. You can schedule a time to work with one of our professionals that can help you alleviate the problem. Whether this is for an emergency, or a standard appointment, we can assist you in cleaning your drains for an affordable price. If you do have a blocked kitchen drain, sewer pipe, or a blockage in your shower, we can assist you. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for our drain cleaning services in Sandy.

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