Salem Drain Cleaning

The one thing a lot of property owners worry about has to do with their drains. You are not going to see a drain visually all the time and that is why it can often be forgotten. To avoid a mistake such as this, you will want to plan a drain cleaning right away. At Platinum Drain Cleaning, we are willing to provide a complete solution that will ensure the drain is as clean as it needs to be. We are professionally trained to help with these types of cleanings and that is where the results are going to shine through.

Comprehensive Cleanings  

The first thing you are going to get with us is a comprehensive cleaning.

Drain cleanings need to be managed with a lot of care as there are multiple steps at play. Each step is going to matter and has to be completed before moving on to the next one.

This is why Platinum Drain Cleaning is a good fit. We are meticulous with how we approach these cleaning sessions and that is something you are going to notice as soon as the process begins. We will take the time to use a camera to inspect the drain along with a long list of additional tools.

This is key when it comes to finding a cleaning solution that works.

Premium Materials and Tools

All of the materials that are used by our team will be perfectly in tune with what your drain requires.

Each situation is going to be unique whether it is a commercial or residential property. How the drain is set up on the property will also differ and our experience will ensure only the best solution is found for your needs.

 We know you are going to want the best solution and that is what we are going to offer immediately. This includes the equipment that is used to complete the project.

For us, the cleaning has to be perfect and this is how it starts.

Personalized Results 

The results are going to be fully customized to your situation.

While drain cleaning sessions are often the same when it comes to getting rid of debris, the setup process is going to vary for each situation.

You have to take the time to understand this as a client. You are going to learn a lot during the inspection as we are always willing to communicate with our clients.

We want you to know more about how it all works and that is something our team will share immediately. If you want to find out more about how a drain is cleaned, let us get started on your property.

“ They cleaned my drains and they had never drained so quickly before!  The tech put down drop cloths, wore shoe covers, and cleaned up after he was done. “

Jacob P.

“ They were one of the few companies we called that offered jetting!  The previous owner of my home used a lot of cooking oil and was pouring it down the drain, we were calling out plumbers at least once a month.  Our drains have been working for over 6 months now with no issues. “

Penny S.

“ Very knowledgrable drain cleaners, they not only cleared our kitchen sink which another company couldn’t and pitches us on replacement.  He also explained what to avoid putting down the drain. “

Denny P.

Proven Quality Control Standards

There are strict quality control standards in place when it comes to how a drain is cleaned.

You will want to ensure there are multiple steps in the process for how a drain is set up and cleaned. If that is on your mind, you will want one of our specialists to help out.

We are going to go through each step in the cleaning process to see what has to be improved upon. This is a guarantee and it is something you can rely on with our specialists. 

100% Safe

 The one thing you are going to care about the most is safety.

You do not want to go with a solution that will damage the drain or leave it needing repair work later on. This happens all the time when you choose the wrong service provider and hope for the best.

At Platinum Drain Cleaning, we are not going to waste your time and the goal will be to provide a safe option right away. This is good for those worried about how the cleaning will be done and what will be used.

For us, it is all about taking the time to assess the drain and then come up with a plan. There is no reason to choose a solution that will leave you wanting more or is going to cause you to fret.

Give us a chance to help and know the work will be good. This is a must when it comes to the drain on your property.

Don’t Wait Until The Drain Gets Worse!
An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure!

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