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Park City is a beautiful community that is directly east of Salt Lake City. It is a community that is replete with single-family homes, businesses, and iconic ski slopes that can be found throughout this area. Many of the homes are new, yet there are also older residences, some of which may have pipes that are more prone to clogging. In fact, any home or business may experience blockages in their drains. It’s important to have them cleaned from time to time. If you are currently in Park City, and you have a drain problem, you can rely on the expert at Platinum Drain Cleaning.

What Causes Most Drainage Pipes To Become Clogged?

Blockages in drains can be the result of many different factors. It also depends on which drain is clogged within any household or business. Shower drains, as well as tub drains, can be clogged due to oil, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hair that can mix together. If this is a kitchen drain, grease, oil, and food particulates can join together over time to block your drain. You may even have similar problems with the drain pipes for your washing machine and floor drains. It is also possible that your sewer pipes can become clogged as well. This could be from materials that are flushed down the toilet, or roots that have grown up through the pipes. The collapse of sewer pipes may also occur, prompting the need for professional assistance. For all of these issues, Platinum Drain Cleaning will be there to help.

Why Businesses And Individuals Should Contact This Company

Although many people will try to unclog their drains on their own this may not be the best course of action. The cost of obtaining drain cleaners can be expensive, especially if you make multiple purchases and do not get results. Some blockages are so thick and concentrated, it’s impossible for these products to remove the blockages. Some may require machines that can deliver water at high pressure, as well as machines that can simply bore through the blockage. Our company has access to this type of equipment, plus we have years of experience in the drain cleaning industry. We can assist you with any problem that you have with your drains because of our experience in this industry.

What Type Of Equipment Do We Use?

The equipment that we use will include video cameras that can be sent into drainage pipes. These are very helpful in identifying what the problem actually is. We can quickly see if the pipe has collapsed, or if a root has grown up into the pipe, before choosing the best course of action. In most cases, blockages are due to debris such as soap, human hair, and grease that has made its way into the pipes. These can be removed by using our hydro jetter or drain snake which uses a solid cable to break through any blockage. All of this equipment will be utilized by trained professionals that can eliminate your blockages in the shortest period of time.

It is vitally important to assess all of the drain cleaning services in the Park City area before hiring any of them. They should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured before you can trust them enough to use their services. In addition to this, they should have trained technicians that can handle any job. It is also important to work with a company that can dispatch workers for emergencies. Platinum Drain Cleaning is a business that possesses all of these attributes. We also charge a fair price for all of the services that we can render. If you need help with your drains right now, give us a call so that we can assist you with your problem.

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