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If you own a business in Nephi, or live within this community, you may experience drain problems from time to time. Located in Juab County, Utah, there are companies that can assist you. However, many people tried to fix drain issues on their own. Blockages can build up as a result of normal use of your showers and kitchen. If you have a business, particulates of food and grease can build up over time. If you have used products designed for breaking through drain blockages to no avail, it is certainly time to call in a professional. Platinum Drain Cleaning is a business that you can contact. We can assist you with any blockage that may be in your pipes. Our business has been providing these services in the Nephi area for years, and we can help you with any problem that you currently have.

Different Types Of Drain Blockages

There are a wide variety of drainpipes that can have different blockages. There are pipes that can become clogged from your washing machine. Floor drainage pipes can also become blocked by particulates, grease, and oil. From bathrooms to kitchens, materials such as soap, oil, grease, and even shampoo can cause the problem. In all of these situations, the machines that we use can quickly eliminate the blockage. Our trained staff members will know exactly what to do if you decide to contact us directly.

Why Many People Contact A Drain Cleaning Company

If you have used methods such as baking soda and vinegar to remove blockages, you may realize how ineffective these actually are. Many of the blockages that are preventing the water from flowing down your drain are located deep in the pipe itself. That is why many of the products that promise to eliminate blockages will not be very effective. It often takes machinery to break through what is blocking the water flow, and that can only come from a professional business. Our company has been providing our services, and our equipment, to local businesses and residents for years. However, you may wonder if our machinery and expertise can break through any blockage that you may have.

What Type Of Blockages Are The Most Common?

Blockages can occur in pipes in a wide variety of ways. Our business provides full cleaning services for home and business pipes, sewer lines, and wastewater disposal systems. The debris that can end up in a pipe may include soap, grease, dirt, hair, and many other materials. In bathrooms, and also in kitchens, these blockages can be recurrent. Through normal use of your shower and sinks, the buildup will continue. That’s why contacting a professional drain cleaning company is really your best option. We can ensure that blockages are removed shortly after we arrive.

Why People Choose Our Business

Our company has been serving the state of Utah for many years. We provide our services in Nephi, Utah, and the surrounding communities. Our company is fully bonded and insured, as well as licensed in the state for providing these types of services. All of our employees have been properly trained, plus have years of experience in dealing with drains. They have dealt with every imaginable blockage that can occur. We also have state-of-the-art equipment. This equipment includes a hydro jetter backing blast water into any pipe at a high velocity. This water can bust through most blockages in pipes. If that doesn’t work, our drain snake will certainly suffice. Prior to all of this, we may recommend sending a video camera into the pipe in question. This will allow us to see what is causing the problem directly. From broken water pipes to roots growing up and threw them, we can identify the issue and fix the problem based on this information. For all of these reasons, people choose to work with our company when they have drainage issues.

Resolving issues with your drainpipes is best handled by working with a trained professional in this industry. Our company employs only the very best drain cleaning service providers and utilizes machinery that can solve the problem fast. Whether you have clogged pipes at your place of business, or in your home, we can assist you right away. Simply give us a call to schedule a time for us to provide you with this service. We can always help the businesses and families of Nephi remove blockages at very affordable prices.

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