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The first step to clearing a toilet drain is to identify what type of plug it is.  For instance if the toilet flushes and it comes up the tub drain the clog is beyond the toilet.  It’s now in the pipe and this will help us know which machine to use to help us clear it.  Step 2 is prepping the area such as drop cloths and getting the machine setup to tackle the job.  Then execution and clean up is the very last step.



Identify The Source Of The Clog

After we have identified if the clog is in the toilet, pipe, or elsewhere we then can select the right equipment or machine to clear the clog.


Prepping The Site

Putting down drop cloths and setting up our equipment to clear the toilet, pipe, or wherever the source of the problem exists.  This is an important step to prevent messes and several trips in and out of your home.


Clearing The Clogged Toilet

We then begin clearing the clog with the proper equipment and safety nets to prevent injury or causing a mess.  Quality inspection then begins to ensure we properly cleared the drain.

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