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Drains get clogged all the time. It could be due to the buildup of grease, hair, overgrown tree roots, or foreign objects. Here at Platinum Drain Cleaning, we specialize in all kinds of drain cleaning services. Our experienced technicians have the necessary knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to get the job done right the first time. We use the latest tools to ensure that you don’t need to call drain cleaning technicians every few months.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We are a properly licensed, bonded, and insured drain cleaning business. When you give us a call, a local technician will arrive at the earliest to provide drain cleaning services at competitive rates. All the technicians working with us go through an extensive background check to ensure the safety of our customers.

You should never hire a drain cleaning service that isn’t properly licensed and insured. Without proper licensing and insurance, you might have to bear the cost when things go wrong. Things often go wrong as unlicensed drain cleaners do not have the right tools and experience to do the job right.

We Use the Right Tools

Anybody can invest in the latest tools but not everyone knows how to use those tools and more importantly, the order in which these tools should be used to provide the best drain cleaning service. Many people are forced to call drain cleaners every few months.

For instance, inexperienced technicians often hydro-jet a drain with hair in it. While they do get rid of some hair inside the drain but many get left behind. In such situations, you will have a blocked drain again in a few months and you will be forced to pay a lot more money to fix the mistakes made by inexperienced cleaners.

Save time, money, and headaches with Platinum Drain Cleaning. We do things right the first time.

Our technicians always cable a drain line in order to remove things that are blocking it. We know that hydro-jetting a line will get rid of some foreign objects or hair build-up in the drain but without a cable, many of the blockages will simply remain there clinging to the side of the drains.

Cabling the line will loosen up the materials inside. After loosening up the items blocking the drain, we use the jetting machine to clear the blockage. This process helps in restoring the complete flow of the drain to its maximum volume.

We don’t believe in doing a job as quickly as possible. We use the latest equipment to ensure that you don’t need to call us again. We want to make our customers happy by ensuring that your drains remain free and clear, for the longest possible time.

Latest Drain Cleaning Technology and Equipment

Our experienced technicians use the latest equipment to clean the drains. We begin by using a specialized camera for inspection of drains and blocks from inside. After locating the blockage, our technicians use a drain snake to loosen and remove the debris from inside the pipes. After that, we use a hydro-jetting machine to spray a high-pressure water stream into the drain to clear the remaining debris.

Clogged Kitchen Sink Drains

One of the most common reasons for calling drain cleaning companies is a clogged kitchen sink drain. Blockages usually happen due to the buildup of grease, food and other items that are put in the garbage disposal or drain directly. We use cable cleaning tools as well as hydro-jetting to get the kitchen sink drain working again.

Don’t Wait Until The Drain Gets Worse!

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Usually, blockages in bathroom sink drains happen due to the buildup of gunk, hair and other objects such as flossers or bottle caps. We don’t straightaway hydro-jet the drain. We begin by manually cleaning the trap, pop-up, as well as extension. After manual cleaning, we use a cable to get rid of most of the build-up inside. You also have the option of getting it hydro-jetted to keep it free of debris for many years in the future.

Shower & Tub Drain Cleaning

Shower drains typically get clogged due to the buildup of hair but we also frequently find hair ties, soap build-up, toys, bottle caps and various other objects in the shower drain. If you have an older shower drain, it usually has an old drum trap which is extremely difficult to clean. Don’t worry as we also have other methods to get the drain working again.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Here at Platinum Drain Cleaning, we take pride in handling all kinds of drain cleaning problems. We work on both big and small drain blockages ranging from a minor blockage to getting rid of large tree roots from the sewer line. We provide full cleaning services for wastewater disposal systems, sewer lines, and other types of pipes in homes and businesses, at the absolute best pricing. Our local technicians have extensive knowledge and experience.

“ They cleaned my drains and they had never drained so quickly before!  The tech put down drop cloths, wore shoe covers, and cleaned up after he was done. “

Jacob P.

“ They were one of the few companies we called that offered jetting!  The previous owner of my home used a lot of cooking oil and was pouring it down the drain, we were calling out plumbers at least once a month.  Our drains have been working for over 6 months now with no issues. “

Penny S.

“ Very knowledgrable drain cleaners, they not only cleared our kitchen sink which another company couldn’t and pitches us on replacement.  He also explained what to avoid putting down the drain. “

Denny P.

We use the latest equipment to safely clear any blockage. We are available 24 x 7.

Give us a call today for all kinds of drain cleaning services.