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How Does

Tub Drain Cleaning Work?

We have several different machines we use to clear a tub drain and each one has a specific use.  This is because some older homes still use drum traps.  A drum trap is much like a can vs a new style P-trap so when a cable enters the old drum trap it will just wind up inside and won’t make it beyond the drum trap itself.

So under these cirumstancs we use a different process.  When its a traditional P-trap we have 2 different cable machines that we can use based on how long the run is.  After we run it once and typically remove hair, we then run lots of water and cable it again ensuring to clean it as much as possible with a cable style drain cleaner.

Sometimes it’s pretty rare that soap scum, hard water, and other material will build up in the piping which in this case we will recommend hydro-jetting to help keep the line clear for 3-4 times longer than traditional cable drain cleaning.

Shower/Tub Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Process

Step By Step Tub & Shower Drain Cleaning


Identify the clog and ensure it is the tub drain and not the main line or secondary line attached to the tub/shower.  Inspect the drain to see if its an old drum.  



Prep the drain cleaning equipment, drop cloths, etc.. based on what we discovered and the  type of clog and length of the drain piping.



Clear the clog, quality check to ensure the drain is flowing as clear as possible and clean up drop cloths and any other type of mess.

We Don’t Just Simply Clear The P-Trap

Beyond Clean With Our Tub Drain Cleaning Services

Sometimes a drain is simply clogged in the P-trap and while some companies might just clear the trap and collect and leave.  This leaves the rest of the piping partially plugged and most likely will plug up again relatively soon.  Even if the plug is only in the trap we still run our machine beyond the trap ensuring that the rest of the piping isn’t going to become clogged as soon.