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Cleaning A Plugged Floor Drain

Floor drains can sometimes pretty difficult to clear and other times very easy.  It all comes down to what is clogging the floor drain.  Usually they clog before and after the P-trap which makes them a little difficult unless you have experience in drain cleaning.  This is because you have to get the cable to make it through the P-trap which takes a lot of manipulating and turning to get it through it.

Especially if the clog is in the trap because then you are fighting the bends and turns in the trap as well as whatever is clogging it.  Rest assured we have the experience to clear even the toughest of floor drains.

Another thing about floor drains is a lot of people think it’s a drain I never use, who cares if it’s plugged?

Well the drain is there in case your washing machine, water heater, or other plumbing fixture leaks, so if it’s clogged and one of those events happen you will wish that you would’ve had it cleaned out.

Clogged Floor Drains Smell

Sometimes clogged floor drains can smell!  This is because whatever is stuck inside the trap or piping starts to break down and basically grow bacteria and other nasty stuff.  This creates an odor that is pretty disgusting.  Keeping your floor drains cleaned out and running water through them occasionally can help reduce this problem.  Other times they can stink and smell bad if the water in the P-trap has evaporated and you just need to add some water.  If it’s a floor drain that rarely is seen or under a washing machine we recommend using RV antifreeze as it won’t disipate and you won’t have to keep adding water to it every so often.

If you need floor drain cleaning you should think Platinum Drain Cleaning.  You may be thinking a clear drain is a clear drain.  But some of the other drain cleaners go out and hit the clog pull there cable back and pack up.  We go through the drain several times restoring the drain flow beyond just the clog.  This ensures it will last longer, some of the other drain cleaning companies see their way of doing it as job security.   they can charge less because it takes less time but they know when they return over and over they actually will earn more than charging higher and doing it right.