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The pipes and drains in your home may seem like a mundane topic as their work is mostly carried out behind the scenes. So long as the indoor plumbing in your home is functioning as intended, you should never notice it.

But the second your pipes and drains fail to function as they should, they suddenly demand attention and cannot be ignored. When this happens, it is essential that professional attention of the highest quality is called in to deliver solutions.

For commercial and domestic property in and around Payson, Utah, this means calling in the experts from Platinum Drain Cleaning. We have a team of skilled professional plumbers equipped with state-of-the-art tools and implements to deliver a wide array of solutions to your slogged or sluggish pipes and drains.

In the following post, we will describe the various advantages of calling in our superior services to address all manner of drainage issues on your property.

Repairing Indoor Drainage Issues

When your drains and pipes begin to overflow with all manner of fouls smelling fluids and unidentifiable materials, the situation can become alarming. One of the best ways to avoid this type of problem is with a routine inspection and regular deep cleanings. This can prevent minor blockages from escalating into major problems that require drastic measures to resolve.

Most blockages are made of the typical substances that make their way down the drain, this can include soap scum, hair, dead skin and other water borne contaminants. Under normal circumstances, these pollutants will clear the pipes and make their way to the septic tanks and sewers without a fuss. But sometimes they will begin to collect at a single point in the drainage system and this can pose a problem.

Preventive Measures Help Avoid Damages and Nasty Odors

In addition to avoiding the buildup of blockages in the very bowels of your home, regular drain cleaning and pipe inspections can keep your indoor plumbing cleaned and sanitized. This has the added benefit of ensuring that no unpleasant odors begin escaping upwards and into your living space or commercial location.

Routine Cleaning Equates to System Longevity

Having your pipes and drains regularly cleaned out will ensure that your drains and pipes are kept in optimal function. When indoor plumbing is kept in pristine conditions the risk of damages is greatly reduced, meaning costly repairs and replacements will be avoided. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about blockages and sewer backups in the future.

You are sure to find that a regular drain cleaning and pipe inspection every once in a while, is a lot cheaper than dealing with emergency overflows and the extensive water damage that can result from malfunctioning indoor plumbing.

Safe and Healthy Cleaning Services

Another important point to consider is that the conventional drain-cleaner chemicals and DIY plumbing solutions available in your local supply store are some of the major contributors to malfunctioning plumbing systems. This is because these powerful chemicals can cause your pipes to begin eroding and weakening making them susceptible to bigger problems.

The best and safest course of action is to have your drains cleaned and inspected by a reliable and professional cleaning service, like Platinum Drain Cleaning.

We offer these related Drain services:

  1. Commercial Pumping Services – Platinum Drain Cleaning handles all types of industrial and commercial pumping needs.   
  1. Hydro- Jetting – when indoor plumbing is clogged with grease, sand, hair and other obstructions, you will need more than a plunger and Drain-O. Hydro-jetting can cut through the toughest clogs and restore your pipes to full functionality. 
  1. Video Inspection in Sewer Lines –  if needed, we can set up advanced video equipment that will be sent through the pipes to inspect the conditions and explore the nature of the clogs you are facing.
  1. Septic Maintenance – We are a licensed and bonded plumbing service, with the proper credentials to address all types of issues with Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS). This means we can supply a wide range of maintenance and repair services to keep your pipes and plumbing in proper function. 

Platinum Drain Cleaning is a locally owned and operated plumbing service in Payson, Utah We have the skills, resourcefulness and superior equipment to address all your plumbing needs.

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