Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

With all the stuff that goes down our kitchen sinks it’s no wonder they get clogged all the time.  Leftovers and other food that we put in the disposal is ground down into sludge that can clog the pipes.  Avoid noodles, rice, and egg shells as these items are common things that clog kitchen drains.

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While many drain cleaners will come out and run their machine until they hit the clog and the drain starts to drain and then they will pull back the cable and call it good.  This may work for a little while but the drain is going to clog back up becaue they didn’t really clean the kitchen drain right!  Our drain cleaners will go beyond the clog and we typically run the cable down the piping several times restoring the flow and cleaning the drain so it will last much longer than most kitchen sink drain companies!

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Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

When it comes to kitchen sink drain cleaning sometimes a cable just wont do the job.  This is because of years of build up of grease, soap scum, and other materials what happens is the cable goes through the plug and it keeps collapsing causing the pipe to continually plug.

In this scenarios we recommend hydro jetting the line to clear the kitchen sink drain.  This is because instead of punching a hole in the line or even restoring it by cleaning it several times with a cable to find out it keeps plugging up.  Hyrdo Jetting will actually clean the entire inside of the pipe.  

While cabling is great in most scenarios, sometimes Hydro Jetting is the answer especially if you have to call a drain cleaner once or twice a year it may be time to go beyond clean and have it truly cleaned by Platinum Drain Cleaning!

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

You have tried the rest and without much success, now it’s time to give one of the best kitchen drain cleaning companies a try!  Come see the difference!  We pride ourselves in actually doing the best possible drain cleaning we can!  Usually restoring the inner diamater of the piping which means its less likely to plug up in the future.

With all the different drain cleaning machines we use chances our we will get that drain beyond clean thus saving you time, money, and hassle of needing it done more frequently!


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