bathroom sink drain cleaning

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Whether you have a traditional kitchen sink or a pedastal our bathroom sink drain cleaning will get the drain flowing again.  We believe in restoring the piping to the maximum inner diamater as possible.  Not just poking a hole in the clog, give us a call today!

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Bathroom Drain Cleaning

We have the right drain cleaners to clear your bathroom sink drains.  By using the right equipment and having the knowledge and experience required we will restore the flow and get you back in business.

Save Time

By hiring us you will be saving time and hassle of waiting for the other drain cleaners who usually make you wait weeks that way when they quote high you are more likely to accept the quote.  We typically have appointments available much sooner.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing top-notch bathroom drain cleaning and customer service you can rely on.  Our drain cleaners are trained and experienced to not just punch a hole in the plug but to clean the inner diamater of the piping as much as possible.

Why Platinum Drain Cleaning?

Main Advantages Of Using Our Bathroom Drain Cleaning Service


We don't just poke a hole in the clog we actually clear it!


Have a mystery odor we can help with smelly drains.


Restore the flow to the clogged drain and stop hassling with that slow bathroom sink drain!


Our drain cleaners are careful to not make a mess. They pick up after they are done!

bathroom sink drain

My bathroom drain isnt slow anymore and that awful smell is gone!  The tech didn’t leave a huge mess I couldn’t be happier.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

If you or a loved on has a slow, smelly, or completely plugged drain you need the professionals at Platinum Drain Cleaning.  We can help clear that slow bathroom sink drain, help with odor, and give tips & tricks on how to prevent future clogs.  We have over 20 years of combined experience in bathroom drain cleaning.  If your sink is starting to drain slow it’s best not to wait until its completly clogged because completely clogged drains don’t come as clean!


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